Research Experience

I am specialized in using data mining algorithms to solve bioinformatics problems. Due to increasing importance of computer security for our nation and economies, I am exploring the possibilities of combining data mining and big data analytics to develop and improve algorithms and frameworks for computer security systems in recent two years. State government of South Carolina, University of South Carolina and BMW are funding my research as listed below:

1. Data Mining and Big Data Analytics for Computer Security Applications

Developing A Highly Scalable Data-Mining based Intrusion Detection System Using Apache Spark (2013-present)

Designing A Highly Scalable Data Mining Model using Apache Spark to Detect Malware Automatically and Efficiently (2014-present)

2. Data Mining for Bioinformatics Study

Developing A Robust Feature Selection Model for Predicting Clinical Charge Profiles of Patients Diagnosed with Chronic Diseases (2007-present)

Designed Clustering Support Vector Machines (CSVMs) for Protein Structure Prediction (2005-present)