Tyrone S. Toland, Ph.D.


Teaching Philosophy

As a student, I learned late in my academic life that it was easier for me to understand and master Information Technology (IT) if I could associate it with something I already knew. Moreover, I had a better appreciation and understanding of the concept if I could see the concept used in a real life context. The students that I teach IT to have a general understanding of what IT is and how IT can be used (e.g., email, text messaging, etc.). However, these students must be able to recognize how IT concepts can be used to solve new information management problems that may arise. In particular, an Information Management and Systems (IMS) student must learn how to use IT concepts to manage information in various disciplines.

To aid students in accomplishing this goal, I employ the following methods:

These methods reflect my experience in how I wish I had been taught. The methods have proven to be successful in my classes.