General Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis  (CHM 112)          Spring 2012

Here are the spreadsheet links so you can check the grade calculations for your CHM 112 grade.  I apologize for the long delay in getting these posted.  I have never been sick like that during finals week before.  Note:  If you find an error that will change your letter grade, please contact me.  It is not difficult to change a grade when the instructor has made a calculation error.

Additional comments:

1. If you want to look at your final exam or collect your Acid-Base 2 homework, please contact me by email to set a time.  I will be on campus frequently during Summer Session I.

2. Everyone received full credit for Acid-Base 2 even though a few students missed a few questions. 

3. Everyone has 0.3 points added to their total to compensate for the two errors in the Mastering Chemistry homework assignments that we discussed during lecture.

4. If you know other students in the class that were interested in looking at the spreadsheet, please let them know it is posted.

section 001            section 002

Have a good summer!



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