Welcome to the Homepage of Nicole Tobias

Nicole Tobias Nicole Tobias received her Master of Science in Computer Science from Clemson University in December 2012. From the University of South Carolina Upstate, Nicole earned two Bachelor of Science degrees. She completed her first B.S. in Mathematics in December 2009 and her second B.S. in Computer Science in May 2010. Nicole is currently a Ph.D. student at Clemson University pursuing a doctorate degree in Computer Science. Her research interests include Remote Debugging in Wireless Sensor Networks, Time Keeping in Energy Harvesting Systems, Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Robotics.

While pursuing her graduate degrees, she has served as both a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Graduate Research Assistant. She was a member of the Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Lab (BPRL), directed by Dr. Damon L. Woodard, at Clemson University. Nicole was a member from Jan 2011 - August 2013, where she also served as the BPRL lab manager.

Nicole is currently a member of the PERvasive, Sustainable, and In Situ Technologies Lab (PERSIST Lab), directed by Dr. Jacob Sorber, at Clemson University. She is currently working on research projects dealing with remote debugging in wireless sensor networks and time keeping in energy harvesting systems. Nicole was awarded her Ph.D. candidacy during the Fall 2015 semester and is currently projected to complete the program in 2018. She also currently holds the positions of Instructor of Computer Science and Director of the Stäubli Robotics Lab at USC Upstate.