Young Child: Behavior and Development in Early Childhood

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Instructor: Dr. Susan Hendley
Librarian: Ms. Nancy M. Lambert (email:

Spring 1999

I. U.S.C.A.N.

Use U.S.C.A.N. (University of South Carolina Access Network) to locate books and videos on your research topic and to determine whether or not the Sumter or Spartanburg library subscribes to a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper. Remember, students in Sumter, that books and copies of articles from the Spartanburg Library can be mailed to your home. Just email your request to


For this class, consider using keyword searches such as:


K=cognition and children

K=development and children

K=philosophy and education

K=education and theory


  1. OSCAR and DISCUS databases

Use the OSCAR and DISCUS databases to find articles for your research on stages of children's development. On the ERIC (database on OSCAR), consider using a search phrase such as: early childhood education and developmental stages

Articles from these refereed journal are appropriate for your research (remember you may email requests for copies of articles that are not available at your library):


Childhood Education (available full text on OSCAR's Periodical Abstracts)

Early Childhood Research Quarterly (available at the USCS and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Young Children (available at the USC Spartanburg and the USC Sumter and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Child Development (available at USC Spartanburg and USC Sumter and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Journal of Research in Childhood Education (available at USC Spartanburg and USC Sumter libraries and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Cognitive Development (available at USC Spartanburg and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Child Study Journal (available at USC Spartanburg and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Early Childhood Education Journal (available at USC Spartanburg and USC Sumter and indexed on OSCAR's ERIC)

Also, these are not refereed, but they may be helpful as a starting place for ideas:

Early Childhood News: The Journal of Professional Development (online)

Multicultural Review: Dedicated to a Better Understanding of Ethnic, Racial, and religious Diversity (available at USC Spartanburg)


Early Childhood Education/Young Children (0-8)

From the University of Illinois, Urbana

You can join this group by sending the message "sub ECENET-L your name" to

Early Childhood Education On-Line Mailing List

From the University of Main System, Orono, ME

You can join this group by sending the message "sub ECEOL-L your name" to

IV. WWW Sites


National Association for the Education of Young Children

The Librarians' Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids (from the American Library Association)

Pathways to School Improvement (see section on early childhood)

NPIN National Parent Information Network

Government Sites

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education

South Carolina Department of Education

South Carolina Connects ~ Kid's Page

Parent Information

Parents' Place (commercial site)

Pediatric Points of Interest (Department of pediatrics Johns Hopkins University)


Teaching The Early Childhood Education Site for Teachers and Parents of Children Birth Through Grade Three (commercial site)

Multicultural Diversity

MCC: Multicultural Calendar


Educational Theory

Early Childhood Care and Development: International

Resources for Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Information Service (from New Zealand)


Maria Montessori: An Historical Perspective

Freire Inspired Programs in the United States and Puerto Rico: A Critical Evaluation

Reinterpreting Dewey: Some Thoughts on His Views of Science and Play in Education

Search Engines



Lycos (allows a limit of searching for sites with pictures)

Citing Sources Found:

For print sources (books and journal articles) use the APA (American Psychological Association) style of citations. Examples of how to type these citations are found in: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (4th edition )--available at both USC Spartanburg and USC Sumter Libraries.

Call number is REF BF 76.7 .P82 See page 194.

For citing electronic sources (web sites, etc.) use the sample found on the USCS Library homepage: (click on "electronic resources," look under "Internet tools" and click on "Citing Internet Sources")