SBSN 350 Concepts of Professional Nursing

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Instructors: Karen Peel, Angie Davis
USCS Librarian: Nancy M. Lambert, 864-503-5615; email: 

This handout is designed to highlight some of the major resources available to you even though you may never visit the USCS Library!!

There are many resources that can be found on the internet but if you need a book or an article (that is not fulltext on the internet), you may request that these be mailed to you, from our library to your home.

The USCS Library Collection

Our library’s collection supports both the associate and baccalaureate programs in nursing, thus you can expect to find listings of relevant and current books for your research assignments.

To check our catalog you must have internet access. Go to the USCS homepage ( ) and click on library, then electronic resources and, finally, on USCAN.

Basic rules for searching our catalog:

The catalog contains the holdings of ALL the USC libraries; in the upper right of your screen you will see "USC Libraries." To change the setting to search only the "USC Spartanburg Library," type "set cat spart" on the bottom line of the screen.

Keyword searches allow you to choose any combination of keywords that describe your topic. When searching by keyword, never use small words such as it, if, will, be, that (a complete list of the words that are not used is available from the USCAN screen). If you use these words, your results will always be "no entries found." The small word and, however, is always allowed in keyword searching because it is command word that serves as an operator between keywords. It tells the computer to find the records that have all of the keywords you have typed. Keyword searches will always provide the results of your search in order of the most recently published item first.

Keyword searches that may be useful for research topics in this course include

Author searches, title searches, and subject heading searches are also options. Examples of these are

Borrowing materials from the USCS Library

Once you locate the title of a book or find that our library has an article from a journal that you need, or wish to borrow a video that your instructor has asked you to view, you may email your request to the Library. Please use this email address:

In your message, please include this information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your i.d. number
  3. Status—undergraduate in RN to BSN program
  4. Your social security number
  5. Your phone number.
  6. The title of the book or video you would like to borrow, or, for obtaining a copy of a journal article, the name of the article, the journal it was published in, the date of the article and the pages

You may request books and articles that we don’t own, as well: we will find a library that has the material and mail it to you.

Requests will be mailed to your home and should arrive in 3-4 days.

We pay the mailing postage to your home and you pay the return postage.


Resources Available to you from the USCS Library Homepage
(requires internet access)

(USCS homepage:

These resources are discussed below.

To access your electronic reserves (reading materials placed on reserve by your instructor) (click on Library Services, Electronic Resources, Electronic Reserves, and, finally, on SBSN 350)

(To read these reserve materials, you must download the acrobat software from the site where they are located. The acrobat software needs to be downloaded once only but it takes 45 minutes to download it.)

        Your code is "SBSN350" and "peel" (all small letters, no quotation marks)

To access the online journal titled, Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing (from Sigma Theta Tau), click on Library Services, Electronic Resources, Electronic Journals, and, finally, on Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

(To read the journal, you must download the acrobat software from the site where it is located. The acrobat software needs to be downloaded once only but it takes 45 minutes to download it.

Your authorization is: "100-147-380" Your password is: "CXAW?RUSK" (no         quotation marks).

To access to several databases that allow you to look up articles in journals (some will be fulltext on the database) click on Library Services, Electronic Resources, and finally, on OSCAR. Put your student i.d. number in to obtain access to the OSCAR databases. Your student i.d. number is composed of 3 followed by your social security number followed by 00 (ex. 324812564300)

On this listing of OSCAR databases you will find these databases particularly helpful (OSCAR databases are searched with OVID software):

  • CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature it is the major index to English language nursing journals and has full text of the fourteen nursing journals in the Nursing Collection below as well as fulltext for selected state nursing journal articles, pamphlet material, standards of practice, practice acts and conference proceedings)
  • Nursing Collection (fulltext, including graphs and charts, of 14 nursing journals)
  • Advances in Nursing Science
    American journal of Infection Control
    AORN Journal
    Dermatology Nursing
    Heart and Lung
    Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship
    Journal of Advanced Nursing
    Journal of Clinical Nursing
    Journal of Emergency Nursing
    Nurse Researcher
    Nursing and Health Care
    Nursing Management
    Nursing Standard

    Also, if you click on DISCUS databases (you will be required to put you i.d. number to gain access) you will find:

    Access to the "Ask a Librarian" Service

    To access the "Ask a Librarian" service, click on "Library Services," "Library Services" and, finally, on "Ask a Librarian." This service allows you to ask questions of the librarians. You may write to the librarians and ask for answers to brief questions, get a start on a search strategy or to find out why you are having problems accessing library resources from your computer.

    Samples of how to cite electronic resources, such as WWW sites.

    To access samples of how to cite www sources, click on "Library Services," "Electronic Resources" and, finally, "Citing Internet Resources."



    EMAIL Accounts

    If you do not have a computer with internet access at home to access email, you may want to go to a local library and use the access provided there. Once there, use one of the free email services such as Yahoo’s email or Hotmail’s system. The addresses for signing up are: (click on "email")

    Once you have signed up, your password will allow you to retrieve or send your mail wherever you have access to the internet.

    If you want to inquire about internet access for the public at libraries in your area (most of them do provide access) you can get a listing of libraries and, usually, phone numbers and addresses at:


    (for public libraries in South Carolina)



    WWW RESOURCES (there are links to these sites on the USCS Library homepage. Click
    on "Library Services," "Electronic Resources," "Subject Guide to Web Sites," and, finally, on "Nursing")

    Government Sites

    National Institutes of Health

    National Library of Medicine

    Healthy People 2000

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    National Center for Health Statistics


    Nursing Associations/World Health Organization

    Country Health Profiles (from the World Health Organization)

                    American Nurses Association

                    National League for Nursing

    South Carolina Nurses Association

    American Association for the History of Nursing

    Sigma Theta Tau (honorary nursing society)

    AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses)

    Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses

    Oncology Nursing society

    Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses

    Nursing Journals

    American Journal of Nursing Online

    Nursing World

    Sites from Educational Institutions

    Nightingale The University of Tennessee, Knoxville - College of Nursing

    Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

    Nursing Bookstores

    The Idea Nurse Book Store

    Specialized Academic Sites

    Nursing Theory Page

    Clandening History of Medicine Library: Nightingale Letters

    Hidegard Peplau Nursing Theorist Homepage

    "Virtual" Nursing Center - Martindale's Health Science Guide

    Commercial Sites

    CINAHL Sources (click on Cinahl Sources Link Index)

    HealthGate Nursing


    Health World Online

    Nursing Discussion Forums (Listservs)



    Don’t hesitate to e-mail or phone me with questions!

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