Math 531 portfolio list


SMTH 531 Chapter 3 Portfolio Assignments


The following assignments are due the final week of class and will be graded as part of your final exam.  You should keep a copy of each entry, because your portfolio will not be returned to you.

            For each proof or exercise assigned, place your original attempt as first entry and follow it immediately by the submission that I should grade.  (In grading your work, I will first glance at your first attempt and then spend more time grading your final submission.)  You may wish to use this sheet as a table of contents for your portfolio.


1.                  Theorem 3.2.8  - just the "only if" part.

2.                  Theorem 3.2.9 - complete the book's proof of the Exterior Angle Theorem.

3.                  Theorem 3.3.2

4.                  Theorem 3.3.4

5.                  Theorem 3.3.6

6.                  Theorem 3.3.8 - fill in the reasons in the book's proof of the Hinge Theorem

7.                  Theorem 3.3.9

8.                  Corollaries 3.4.2, 3.4.3 and 3.4.4.

9.                  Theorem 3.4.6 - the part that assumes two lines cut by a transversal form congruent alternate interior angles.

10.        Theorem 3.4.8

11.        Theorem 3.6.8