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NOTICE:  Although I have retired from the University, I intend to support the problem-based learning site for use by those interested in materials posted on it.  In the near future, I may have to move the site to a new server.  If you wish to be notified of the new address (when and if the site moves), please send me ( mulmer@uscupstate.edu  ) your email address.  I will not use it for any purpose other than the one intended.  I never share user addresses with anyone else without permission.  -- MBU

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Project-Based Instruction in Mathematics for the Liberal Arts

Here are documents from courses I taught in recent years. For course-specific information, click the course of interest:

SMTH 102  Elementary Statistics    syllabus.  [Links for MAYMESTER: MAY syllabus, MAY assignments, MAY portfolio list]

SMTH 121/121A  College Algebra (121A is theTime Augmented version of SMTH 121)  Fall/Spring syllabus

                                SMTH 121/121A  SUMMER 2008 syllabus      ALGEBRA RULES

SMTH 122  Calculus for Management and Social Sciences    syllabus. 

SMTH 127  Trigonometry       syllabus.

SMTH 340  Mathematical Structures and Proof   syllabus  Logic handout  Tentative assignment list

SMTH 531  Foundations of Geometry   syllabusPortfolio list.

College notes on classroom behavior

If you need assistance, the Math Tutoring Lab is in Hodge 242.

A representative project-based course: SMTH 120A syllabus      

                Frequently asked questions about how SMTH 120 was conducted

MayMester  SMTH 120 representative syllabus.   If you are thinking of registering and wondering if you have the time to devote to the course, try the First Application of Math.  It will be given in class on the first day.


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