L. Kelly Waters                                 

232 Hodge Center                               


800 University Way


Spartanburg SC 29303




Ph.D. & M.S. Mathematical Sciences, 1995-2003, GPA 4.0 major, 3.95 overall

Clemson University, Clemson SC


Ph.D. Specialization: Computation & Computational Analysis


Dissertation: “A Parallel Implementation of the Glowinski–Pironneau Algorithm for the Modified Stokes Problem.”  Provided a rigorous analysis for the modified version of the Stokes problem, and then designed and developed a parallel FEM implementation that used a 256 node Beowulf Cluster to generate and solve an approximating linear system with 1.2 million unknowns.


M.S. Emphasis: Discrete Optimization, Operations Research, Networks & Flows


M.S. Project: Designed and developed NetWorKs: “An Object Oriented GUI Based Program for Illustrating Graph and Network Algorithms.”


B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Mathematics, 1990-95, GPA 4.0 majors, 3.98 overall

Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah GA



Interests: Computation, Computational Analysis, Finite Element Method, Parallel Computation, Graph Theory, High Dimensional Visualization, Artificial Neural Networks, Discrete Optimization: Network Flows, Graph Algorithms, and Operations Research.




L.K. Waters, G.J. Fix & C.L. Cox, “The Method of Glowinski and Pironneau for the Unsteady Stokes Problem”, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, October 2004.


L.K. Waters, “A Parallel Implementation of the Glowinski-Pironneau Algorithm for the Modified Stokes Problem”, Doctoral Dissertation, August 2003.


K. Alwan & L.K. Waters, “Finding Re-entrant Knight’s Tours on N-by-M Boards”, Proceedings of the 30th Annual Southeast Conference ACM, 1992 (Undergraduate research).


Academic & Related Work Experience


Assistant Professor, University South Carolina Upstate

Division of Math & Computer Science, 2004-Present


Courses Taught:

Precalculus II (127), Calculus II (144), Matrix Algebra (344), Differential Equations (245), Modern Geometry (531), Linear Algebra (544), Senior Seminar (599)


University Service:

Faculty Advisory Committee, Faculty Senator, Honor Court, Search Committee, Curriculum Revision Committee, Remedial Math Crisis Committee, Math Lab Director Search Committee


Visiting Assistant Professor, University South Carolina Spartanburg

Division of Math & Computer Science, 2003-2004


Courses Taught:

College Algebra (121), Precalculus I (126), Business Calculus (122), Introductory & Advanced Discrete Mathematics (174 & 374), Calculus I (143), Elementary Algorithm Design (141), Discrete Mathematics for Middle School Teachers (SETE Q690D)


University Service:

Revised math curriculum to include a computation track and align the degree program with MAA standards.


Teaching Assistant, Clemson University,

Department of Mathematical Sciences, 1995-2003


Courses Taught:

College Algebra (104), Finite Probability (101), Differential Calculus (106), Integral Calculus (108)


University Service:

      Clemson Calculus Challenge - served on the committee (2003) that introduced the annual calculus contest for high school students.


Research Assistantships


Center for Advanced Engineering Films and Fibers (CAEFF), 1999-2002

Designed and implemented SolView - an immersive animated 3D flow visualization tool for FEM or other mesh based numerical solutions.


NSF Grant, Heather Sasinowska Ph.D., 1999

Developed software using an artificial neural network for the analysis of macro-arrays (images containing bio-informatic data).


NSF Grant, James Peterson, Ph.D., 1998               

Researched persistence in C++ in general and artificial neural networks in particular.

Awards and Honors


Ph.D.        Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003

Outstanding Ph.D. Teaching Assistant, 2002

Clemson University Alumni Fellowship, 1997-98


M.S.         Outstanding Masters Student in Mathematical Sciences, 1997

Clemson University Alumni Fellowship, 1995-96


B.S.          Recognized by Georgia Senate as Outstanding Senior, 1995

Summa cum Laude,

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics, 

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science,

Silver-A Award for the highest GPA in the graduating class