Poems and Stuff

Here are some poems I wrote. Note that I do not claim they are good, nor bad... they simply exist. I promise I am better at math and CS than with poetry; but, I told my daughter that I would put them on my page so she could read them. So I really had no choice in the matter. Anyway, they are all very different, so if you don't like the first one, etc...., o.k. so maybe you won't like any, but maybe you will.

Tears for the Wall
Plea of a Brother
The Corner
Love and Age
My Heart

Here are a few of Terri Hope's poems...

Voice Of A Poet
Writer's Block
Precarious Relations of Mind and Art

A friend of mine,  Sara,  sent me a poem and I thought it was nice.  Maybe you will like it as well.


My sister,  Teresa,  recently developed a knack for poems and she sent me this one. I think she is getting much better:)

Another Brother?

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