In the summer of 96 I took a course in Java here at Clemson and this page began as a project selected/assigned in that course. The applet displayed below -- which you won't see without a Java capable browser -- was designed and developed to satisfy a portion of my M.S. Project requirement for the Department of Mathematical Sciences here at Clemson University. As far as I can determine, the applet works as designed.

Instructions on using the applet are available in the HTML version of the paper submitted describing the project. If you are interested in all the details, the paper also includes fully documented source code for the applet. If you have a dvi file viewer you may prefer to review the original Latex version. The paper also describes how to write java code for adding new graph algorithms to this applet.

[Cool Looking Java Applet]

If you are interested in writing algorithms or if you have any comments, please write If you are interested in learning Java, here are a few Jave References. The one I use most is the Java API Documentation.

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