Java Script Stuff Page

Why does this page exist?

This page is supposed to use a bunch of stuff. In fact, that is it's whole reason for existence. I suppose you could call that a rather mundane reason, but for the following:

Good Stuff = Good Grade
Bad Stuff = Bad Grade

Having said that, you can expect rather constant changes occuring on this page. I might subdivide later, but on to the stuff....

Graphics Stuff

I stole this cool frog from a classmate. If you point at the frog, you'll get a message. But if you press the frog you'll go where I stole it. Of course, you want to stay, but ....

This is a picture of Dick Forrester, Puda (what's a Puda?) and friends. It really has nothing to do with this page, but Dick insisted that everyone would want to know what he looks like. I'm not sure anyone cares, but I put it here because he is a Blackbelt in Chidokwan and my daughter Brittany is afraid he will chop me in half. Dick is the strange looking guy in the green shirt. The Puda guy (who Dick refers to as puda-luda-luda) has on the blue and white striped shirt. And while I'm off the subject, here is a totally cool Asteroids game that Daniel found. Check it out LATER.

Button Stuff

Here is a button with which I have been playing. This button only likes to be pushed once, otherwise it gets irritated. If you persist, it will in fact become VERY irritated. Try it! You might also try writing in the box.

Kelly's Spread Sheet

This spread sheet allows the use of numbers, cell names and simple mathematical operations, ie. + - / *
NO ERROR CHECKING has been installed (yet), so errors produce JavaScript Alerts. You may not use Labels, and it does not check for invalid expressions. This means if you type in a String like "Fred", then you'll get something strange. I might add a parser later.... Also, recursive references may not work like you think they should.

I'm very interested in any suggestions, and/or comments you might have ....

I like JavaScript very much. It was fairly easy to learn (or START learning), and seemed well worth the time and effort. You might want to check out my JavaScript Reference or review pages from the rest of my Java Class

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