L. Kelly Waters

First a remark about the pictures; the picture of me in a tuxedo was taken at the wedding of two of my friends where I had the pleasure to serve as an usher. I am not particularly fond of black tie affairs but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding. As to why the picture appears here now, suffice it to say more than one of the guests expressed regret at not having brought a camera to capture the rare moment in which I publicly appeared in something besides blue jeans and a t-shirt.

This picture was taken at my Grandmother's house at Christmas when I was about five. According to my mother, it was hard to get me to wear anything else long enough for her to wash my cowboy-suit. I also had a pair of "ivory" handled six-shooters with matching holsters; although I must have taken them off since they do not appear in the picture.

My good friend Will Miles moved to Florida last year, and a local tourist was kind enough to send me his picture. Now having said that, you might also guess -- yes, I'm a fan, and although they are mush less polished, I am also a fan of the amateur authors in the Frisbee & TAFEL Email Archives.

What other pages should you visit?

My two older daughters, Misty and Hope, both attend Clemson University. Misty is a M.S. student in the Graduate Program in Mathematics . She also works as a T.A. teaching Calculus I (106). Hope is working on a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences with a minor in Computer Science. She also works at the Center for Advanced Engineering of Films and Fibers (CAEFF). Be warned that Hope has a rather strange sense of humor obviously inherited from someone similar to but not exacly like myself. Okay, yes, exactly like myself - but never tell her that. My youngest daughter, Brittany, just started high school, is learning to drive, and yes, she also enjoys plans to study mathematics in college.

Why does this page exist?

This page is an outgrowth of my involvement in the Java Class offered during the first summer 96' session of the Graduate Program in Mathematics at Clemson University. You might also be interested in the pages of my Java Classmates. A very few might want to know something about my Education & Background, or may be interested in my resume.

JavaScript Stuff

If you are interested, you could check out some stuff I did to learn about JavaScript (of course you will need a JavaScript aware browser). I started with a few Buttons and Event Handlers, and then wrote a VERY Simple Spread Sheet. Check it out on my Use a Bunch of JavaScript Stuff Page . And if you've been there before, you'll be pleased to know that the spread sheet is working again (as far as I can tell).


To satisfy a portion of my M.S. Project requirements at Clemson, I wrote a number of Java classes which comprise an applet called NetWorKs that illustrates various Graph Theory and Network Algorithms. The NetWorKs applet includes an interactive graph, and currently illustrates Kruskal's Algorithm for finding minimum weight spanning trees, Dijkstra's Algorithm for finding shortest paths, an algorithm for finding a topological ordering of vertices, and a depth first traversal of a graph.

Check out the NetWorKs applet (800x600) or (600x480), or if you are interested then review the HTML or LaTeX dvi version of the project paper I submitted which include the source and documentation. The applet page is totally cool.... but its all text if your browser doesn't run applets.

SolView - a FEM data visualization tool

Here are some graphics produced by a program called SolView which I wrote with Elizabeth McAliley at Clemson to visualize FEM velocity, temperature and pressure data. SolView animates particles moving in a velocity field. The particles follow relative velocity vectors rather than using the typical technique of displaying a field of vectors. The particles change color to indicate temperature and change size to indicate pressure. More about SolView later.

Poems, Essays and other valiant efforts

Yes, I know that Mathematicians and Computer Scientists are not supposed to be normal people. But I have in fact written several poems. Of course, this might prove that I am NOT a normal person, but that is beside the point. I also rescued some essays from an old computer and I thought the web might be a good place to store them :-). Actually, a few of them were published and might be worth reading. Just keep in mind that most were written for various courses a couple of years ago...

As for the photos, the skiing picture was taken in the early eighty's on the Altamaha river near Brunswick Georgia. The other was taken in 1974. I suppose I put it here to prove that I once had hair - which, believe it or not, is not a prerequisite to writing; although it might make it more fun to do so...

The plant, called Herman, was given to me on my most recent twenty ninth birthday.