Text Box:  CHEM 109 Lab and Recitation*

  The Chemistry of Living Things


Lab and Recitation* News:   This week in lab you will be doing the Titration lab. This week in recitation you will have the lab midterm exam. It will be all on paper. Here are some sample questions to help you study for the test. Sample Questions. Be sure and also reread the labs and review your lab reports.


Link to Calculator problems from first recitation!!!!! Note: you may also want to look at the link below about using your Casio fx-260 calculator.


Lab Syllabus   Link to the CHEM 109 Page.

Safety Information         CHM 109 Excel Refresher Exercise Summary for Making & printing Spreadsheets & Graphs

╬╣╠╬ Basic Lab Techniques (BLT) lab Using a Casio fx-260 calculator

      (♪♪♪)BLT Spread Sheet Template

(♥♥♥)Kinetics Lab Spreadsheet Template Kinetics Lab Advice

()Equilibrium Lab Spreadsheet Template

() Enzyme Kinetics Lab Spreadsheet Template

(☼☼)Picture of DNA model, fall 2015 Pictures of DNA model, spring 2016

To Get ChemPages: ChemPages is accessible through the ChemistryBiology desktop on SpartanGreenSky.


* Although we hope to revive your interest and abilities in chemistry, this class is called recitation (from recite) not resuscitation.