CHEM 109

  The Chemistry of Living Things


            SI:  SI will be held Monday from 5-6 pm and Thursday from 6-7 pm in SM 203 with Charity as your instructor.  You can also get a tutor by going to Library 222, the Academic Support Center.        URL for SI survey:

                   News:  Homework.   Your kinetics homework is a paper and pencil assignment.  There are four different ones.  You choose the correct one based on the first letter of your last name. You won’t get any credit if you do the wrong one.   A-C,    D-L,   M-R,     S-Z.  It will be due next week at the beginning of lecture either W, March 29, or Th, March 30.

Looking Ahead.  The third midterm is scheduled for Tuesday, April 11, or Wednesday, April 12.  The final exam is 5/1/17 at 3:00 pm for the MW class.  And for the TTH class it is 4/25/17 at 11:30 pm.

                                Directions for establishing your Fall 2016 Sapling Homework account follow.  Go to and follow the instructions. Note: You will need a key code, which is based on your chemistry lecture section. The key codes are for Section 01: U109-01 and for Section 03: U109-03.  Please be careful to choose the correct key code.  Also it will be most helpful if you enter both your first and last name when you register.  During sign up or throughout the term, if you have any technical problems or grading issues, please go to and choose Sapling learning as your product.

                   For grins, see DNA pictures below.

Two On-line sources

      1. A link to the chemwiki text book can be found

  Note that you can also click on the link to videos that go over many topics quite methodically or click on problems to work.

       2. A link to “The Basics of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry”, an on-line textbook, can be found at  Download the book by clicking the PDF button.  A “Table of Contents” for this online book can be found here.

      1 a. Lecture notes and stuff            b. Conversions that students are expected to know            c. Link to CHEM 109 lab page

                        2. Lecture syllabus   

                        3. Math issues                    Using a Casio fx-260 calculator

                        4. Study Guides        SG 1st Test             SG 2nd Test               

                        5. Study Guide Keys          SG 1st Test Key     SG 2nd Test Key

     6.  Some Exam Keys  (Current & Previous Semesters)

        7.  Calculating grades 




Remember that understanding a subject makes it more interesting and gives you confidence.



   The symphony of science

Fatima 1   Mackenzie 1   Makenzie 4

cid:c15b83c2-6e5c-4949-ade5-5cad71021876DNA model Spring 2016, Kateleen

A kinetics homework assignment (paper and pencil) is due W, 11/9, or Th, 11/10 at the beginning of lecture.  The choice of assignment is based on the first letter of your last name.  You must do the correct assignment or it will not count.  Click here for A-E.  Click here for F-L.  Click here for M-R.  Click here for S-Z.