"Handbook on Security and Networks," Edited by Prof. Yang Xiao, Prof. Frank H. Li, and Prof.  Hui Chen, to be published by World Scientific Publishing Co., 2009.

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Tentative Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Raj Jain, "Security in Wireless Data Networks”
  2. Chapter 2: Hui Zhang, Guofei Jiang, Haifeng Chen, Xiaoqiao Meng, Kenji Yoshihira and Abhishek Sharma, "Enabling Information Confidentiality in Publish/Subscribe Overlay Networks"
  3. Chapter 3: Duncan S. Wong, Guomin Yang, and Xiaotie Deng, "Key Establishment - Secrecy, Authentication and Anonymity"
  4. Chapter 4: Mohamed Hefeeda and Kianoosh Mokhtarian, "Security of Scalable Multimedia Streams"
  5. Chapter 5: Ahmed Helmy  and Yongjin Kim, "Attacker Trace-back in Mobile Multi-hop Networks"
  6. Chapter 6: Ahmed Helmy and Sapon Tanachaiwiwat, "Worm Propagation and Interaction in Mobile Networks"
  7. Chapter 7: Ahsan Habib and Mohamed Hefeeda, "Detecting DoS Attacks and Service Violations in QoS-enabled Networks"
  8. Chapter 8: Whai-En Chen, Ting-Kai Huang and Chun-Chieh Wang, "Service IOT for Digit Right Management"
  9. Chapter 9: Riccobene and Giampaolo Bella, "Bliss: highly available and secure distributed backup"
  10. Chapter 10
  11. Chapter 11: Donggang Liu and Qi Dong " Detecting Misused Keys in Wireless Sensor Networks"
  12. Chapter 12
  13. Chapter 13: Meikang Qiu, Jiande Wu, Hung-Chung Huang, Wenyuan Li, “Hardware Controlled Systematic Approach to Detect and Prevent Virus".
  14. Chapter 14
  15. Chapter 15
  16. Chapter 16: Thomas Chen and Nasir Jamil, "A Mathematical View of Self-Replicating Malware"
  17. Chapter 17: Prabhaker Mateti, "Explaining System Security Issues to Computer Professionals"
  18. Chapter 18: Prabhaker Mateti, Venkat Pothams and Benjamin Murray, "Security Enhancement of Network Protocol RFCs"
  19. Chapter 19: Sherri Sparks, Shawn Embleton, Cliff Zou, "Windows Rootkits - a Game of "Hide and Seek"
  20. Chapter 20
  21. Chapter 21
  22. Chapter 22
  23. Chapter 23
  24. Chapter 24
  25. Chapter 25: Jelena Misic and Vojislav Misic, ""Patient privacy in healthcare wireless sensor networks"
  26. Chapter 26
  27. Chapter 27
  28. Chapter 28: Minghui Shi, Yixin Jiang, Xuemin Shen, Jon W. Mark, Dongmei Zhao, and Humphrey Rutagenwa, “AUTHENTICATION AND BILLING FOR WLAN/CELLULAR NETWORK INTERWORKING”
  29. Chapter 29: Donghyun Kim, Xiaofeng Gao, Feng Zou, and Ding-Zhu Du, "Construction of Fault-Tolerant Virtual Backbones in Wireless Networks"
  30. Chapter 30: Xinxin Fan and Guang Gong, " A Survey of Key Revocation Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
  31. Chapter 31: Martin R. Stytz and Sheila Bank, “An Overview Of Bot Army Technology And Prospects”