CHEM 111 Information Page

For the Summer 2017 semester, we are using a custom book that includes chapters 0-10 and appropriate ancillaries from McMurry and Fay's "General Chemistry: Atoms First" 2nd edition. You will NOT need access to MasteringChemistry for CHEM 111, though you may need it for CHEM 112. The custom text includes MasteringChemistry in the purchase price if bought new.

Official book (available only in the USC Upstate Bookstore)

This is the book we used last year (available in the USC Upstate Bookstore as used copies)

This book will work as a substitute (all page numbers are the same between the copies)





The syllabus for CHEM 111 Lecture is here (pdf file).




Lecture Announcements

(Updated June 28, 2017)


          Continue the reading/suggested problems in chapter 10. Start chapter 9.

          Final exam topic list. Help session Wednesday starting at 12:45.

          Want more practice with unit conversions? Your book has DOZENS, but here are a few websites with varying degrees of difficulty. I've not read every problem on these sites and don't claim they are 100% accurate, but they seemed reasonable and offer you a chance to practice more:




          My office hours are MTWR 11:35-12:40 (between lecture and recitation) and by appointment. Any time my office door is open, you are welcome to stop by and talk to me about chemistry!

    The one, approved calculator for this class is a CASIO fx-260 solar. You MUST have this calculator!!! (they are also available online and at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, office supply stores, etc.)




    Free, personal tutoring may also be available from the Student Success Center in the Library Building (room 210). Call (864) 503-5070 for more information.