CHEM 101L Spring 2017

Information Page

A copy of the syllabus for CHEM 101L is here (as a pdf file).

ChemPages are available through SpartanGreenSky. To access the ChemPages, choose the virtual desktop called “ChemistryBiology”. If you want to get into SpartanGreenSky from off-campus, download the program here.

Lab Experiment

Spreadsheet (if needed)

1. Safety and Lab Familiarization
Turn in Pages 5-7, study for safety quiz given next week.


2. Spreadsheet Exercise
Turn in calculated version, formula page version, and the graph.

Spreadsheet template

3. Making measurements (mass, length, and temperature)
Turn in Raw data (page 9), spreadsheet and formula page, two graphs (need labeled axes, meaningful title, removal of areas with no data), post lab questions (page 10)

MLT Spreadsheet

4. Making volume measurements (pipet, repipet, graduated cylinder)
Turn in raw data (pages 11-12), spreadsheet and formula page, post lab questions (page 13).

Volume measurement spreadsheet

5. Paper chromatography
Turn in RAW DATA PAGE (pg 7), the spot assignment (pg 8), and the post lab questions (pg 9)--with the chromatogram stapled to page 9!!


6. Determining Density—three methods
Turn in RAW DATA PAGE (pgs 7-8), the calculated form of the spreadsheet, the formula page version of the spreadsheet, the graph of the NaCl standard data, and post lab questions (pg 9).

Spreadsheet for Determining Density by Three Methods

7. Emission Spectra--wavelengths and energies
Turn in RAW DATA (page 7) and post lab questions (page 8), plus the calibration curve (with proper title, equation of the line, R2 value, labeled axes, etc.), plus a copy of the spreadsheet and formula page version.

Spreadsheet for Emission Spectra lab

8. Molecular Shapes
Turn in pages 5-8.


9. Chemical Reactions: Precipitations
Turn in RAW DATA (page 5), chemical reactions (you provide the paper), and post lab questions (page 6).


10. Synthesis of a Gemstone
Turn in RAW DATA/calculations (page 7) and post lab questions (pages 8)


11. Stoichiometry: Gravimetric Analysis of a Gas Forming Reaction
Turn in RAW DATA (page 5), spreadsheet with calculations, spreadsheet formula page, and post lab questions (page 6)

Spreadsheet for Stoichiometry Lab

12. NaCl Solutions Lab
Turn in RAW DATA (page 8), spreadsheet with calculations, spreadsheet formula page, graph, and post lab questions (page 9)

Spreadsheet for NaCl Solutions Lab

13. Analysis of Commercial Antacids
Turn in RAW DATA (page 7), spreadsheet with calculations, spreadsheet formula page, and post lab questions (page 8).

Spreadsheet for Antacid Analysis Lab

Final Exam happens during the last recitation period
Don't forget, the lab portfolio (all graded lab assignments) will be turned in at the exam. It does not need to be in a special folder, just arrange the assignments in the order in which they were performed.