My Academic Plan

1.  What kind of life do I want to lead?  In answering, consider such issues as these.  Do I want to live in a city, a town, or in the country.  Am I interested in spectator sports, outside activities, service, or the arts.  Do I want to work in a large corporation/institution?  Do I want my own business?  Am I interested in the Military?

2.  What college major will complement or enable this lifestyle?  Am I prepared academically to enter this major.  Do I have the interests and skills to see it through?  Are there jobs for graduates of this major where I want them?

3.  What can I do this semester to help me decide on a major?

4.  What GPA do I want to earn this semester?

5.  What will I do to make sure I earn this GPA?  How many hours a day will I study?  When?  Where? With whom?

6.  Do I need help with time management?  Study skills?  What is my plan to get this help?

7.  What academic area causes me the most problems. 
What am I going to do to about it?