Placement Tests


New students at USCS who have not taken introductory college English, math, or foreign language placement tests elsewhere must take placement a second time.  The purpose of these tests is to place students in the level course they are prepared to take.  A student must take the course indicated by the placement results or test again.  Placement tests are given in English, mathematics, French, and German.  Placement in Spanish is by high school Spanish coursework. A studentís placement results are in his or her advisement file and may be discussed with the advisor.


Online English Placement Test

Students go online, select one of several possible topics, and write an essay on it.  Based on this writing exercise, a student is placed in English 101H (an honors writing course), English 101 (a traditional freshman writing course), or English 101A (a writing course with a required lab).  None of these courses is remedial and each serves as a prerequisite for the next required English course, English 102.


Online Mathematics Placement Test

Students take the five-part mathematics placement test online.  A student must make a sufficiently high score on one part of the test to be allowed to take the next part.  See the table below for information on each part, on scoring, and on placement options.