Choosing a Major


Although choosing a major is an important step in clarifying academic goals, a student should not make this choice until she or he is ready.  This decision should ultimately be the studentís.  All majors have almost the same General Education requirements, so a student has up to two academic years to decide.  The decision process may be gradual.  A student might be able to eliminate one or more majors based on experience in general education courses.  This may make choices of general education courses better fit the major when it is determined.


Choice of a major depends on student skills (abilities) and values (interests).  Help in making the decision is available from the office of Student Development.  Tests of vocational preference and individual vocational counseling are available in this office.  The Career Center can give information about the availability of jobs and pay.  The Center for Student Success will also provide guidance in the choice of a major and career.  A student in a course that seems interesting may want to discuss the possibility of majoring in that subject with the faculty member teaching the course.  Descriptions of all USCS majors are in the Catalog


Talk with other students about their majors.  Visit with people whose careers interest you.  Do a student internship.  Try job shadowing by observing someone in the job area you are considering.  Get a part-time job.  Volunteer.  Network.  Research a career.  These and similar activities should be helpful in the decision process.


Print and complete the linked questionnaire to help clarify where you are in the process of  making your choices:  Stimulus Questionnaire.