Advising and Registration


Frequently Asked Questions



I am a freshman and have no clue about how to get pre-registered for classes for next semester. Where do I begin?

You will need to contact the department office of your major for more information. All undeclared students are “housed” in the Center for Student Success until you declare a major. You can contact the Center at (864) 503-5070 for assistance.


How do I know who my advisor is?

If you attended one of the pre-advisement workshops, you received a slip with your advisor’s name, office location, and phone number. If you did not attend one of the workshops, you can contact the Center for Student Success at (864) 503-5070 or the Office of Academic Affairs at (864) 503-5312 to find out who your assigned advisor is.


How do I schedule an advising appointment?

Students in attendance at the pre-advisement workshops will have signed up for an appointment on-site. All other students need to go to their advisor’s office and sign up for an appointment. Appointment sign-up sheets will generally be posted on the advisor’s door or may be available through the departmental administrative assistant.


What is an “Advisement/Registration Drop and Add” form?

When you go to your advising appointment, you and your advisor will discuss which classes you should take and you will receive a form verifying those classes you both have agreed upon for next semester. The advisor will keep the yellow copy and the student will keep the white copy for his/her records. You will use the form when registering for classes.


What is VIP and how do I log on?

VIP (Visual Information Processing) is the web-based program that students use to register for classes, pay their fees, check their grades, change personal information, etc. Access is available through the USCS website at or you can log on directly at


When can I register on the web for my classes?

Log on to VIP and click on the “Academics” tab on the left. Select “Registration Appointment Time” and indicate the proper semester for which you are pre-registering for. Print out this page for your records so you will be aware of what date and time you are allowed to register. (Note: Registration appointment times are prioritized for students for different reasons. Your appointment time may not be similar to that of another student.)                                                                                                      


What if the class I want is full and there are no seats available on VIP?

In most cases, faculty may have the option of allowing a few additional students in the class if the class is not at room capacity. To get an “override” in this instance, you will need to get the faculty member to sign your advisement form and then you’ll need to take it to the department in which the class is taught (i.e. for a Psychology 101 course, you will go to the Psychology departmental office). The department will put you in the system…you do NOT need to go to the Records office for this. Another option is to wait until the first “cancellation for non-payment” when students who haven’t paid lose their schedules and then you can check on VIP for open seats. Also, keep checking frequently for openings – you never know when a seat might open up.


I’ve heard about people’s schedules getting “cancelled for non-payment.” What does that mean and how do I prevent that from happening to me?

The first cancellation for non-payment is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 8th. Make sure you pay your bill before that date – this includes “applying your financial aid” to your bill through the VIP website. Your financial aid will NOT automatically go onto your account unless you “apply” it through the web. Please note that EVERY successful bill paying transaction yields a confirmation number. Please print that out for your records in case you need it for verification in the future. SPECIAL NOTE: NEW FOR THIS COMING SEMESTER…BILLS WILL NO LONGER BE MAILED. YOU MUST PAY YOUR BILL ON  VIP BY JANUARY 8TH. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SCHEDULE IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME.


I’ve decided on my major and need to officially declare it. How do I do this?

Come to the Center for Student Success and complete a “Change of Major” form. You will then need to take the form to the department of your newly declared major and get them to finish processing it. It will be sent to the records office and your change will be processed. Please note that your advisor will change once you declare a major. You will need to check with that department to find out who your new advisor is.


I’m just not ready to decide on a major yet. What’s the big deal?

Some people do need more time to decide on a major, if only to find out how many possible options exist for them. Decisions about a major are important, so it may well be worth your time to do it carefully and slowly. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting off the decision. It may mean that you are willing to begin exploring the various departmental offerings on campus, talking with professors, staff, professionals in your area of interest and other students to gain information about how best to utilize your college education.


What resources are available to decide on a major?

You can always contact the Center for Student Success for assistance in this area as well as your academic advisor. You will probably be referred to Counseling Services which offers several possibilities. One resource is SIGI, a web-based program that provides up-to-date information on majors and job choices. Another resource is working with a counselor to research major and job preferences, using personality inventories and other strategies. Counseling Services is located in CLC, Rm. 220.